Tele Vue “GoodBuy 2019” Sale!

From 11 November 2019 to 27 December 2019 enjoy 10% savings on all Tele Vue eyepieces*, Barlows, Powermates, and 2″ Paracorr Type-2! Also, receive a FREE Nagler Type-6 or DeLite eyepiece with purchase of Tele Vue telescope with matching accessory package. Please read details below.

Eyepiece*, Barlows, Powermates, & 2″ Paracorr Type-2 Sale

Enjoy discounts on all Tele Vue Plössl, DeLite, Panoptics, Delos, Nagler / Planetary Zoom, Ethos/Ethos SX, Powermates, Barlows, and 2″ Paracorr Type-2 during the sale. Use these helpful links to our website to find the product right for you and where to buy:

FREE Eyepiece Telescope Offer

Buy a Tele Vue telescope and matching telescope accessory package on the same receipt and receive a free Nagler Type-6 or DeLite eyepiece!

List of Telescopes with Matching Accessory Packages
    • TV-60 OTA (TVO-2460)
      with either 90°(TVP-1250) or 60° Accessory Pkg. (TVP-6012)
    • TV-76 OTA White (WXO-3065) or Green (GXO-3065)
      with TV-76 Accessory Pkg. (TVP-3066)
    • TV-85 OTA White (WXO-3372) or Green (GXO-3372)
      with TV-85 Accessory Pkg. (TVP-3373)
    • TV-NP101is OTA (NPI-4057)
      with NP101is Accessory Pkg. (TVP-4058)
    • TV-NP127is OTA (NPI-5054)
      with NP127is Accessory Pkg. (TVP-5056)
List of Telescope Offer Free Eyepieces
EN6-13.013.0 Nagler Type 6EDE-13.013.0 DeLite
EN6-09.09.0 Nagler Type 6EDE-11.011.0 DeLite
EN6-07.07.0 Nagler Type 6EDE-09.09.0 DeLite
EN6-05.05.0 Nagler Type 6EDE-07.07.0 DeLite
EN6-03.53.5 Nagler Type 6EDE-05.05.0 DeLite
EDE-18.218.2 DeLiteEDE-04.04.0 DeLite
EDE-15.015.0 DeLiteEDE-03.03.0 DeLite

The details of how you receive the free eyepiece depends on your location.

USA FREE Eyepiece Telescope Offer

Use this claim form to select your eyepiece if telescope and matching accessory package were purchased from a US-based Tele Vue Optics dealer and shipped to a US (including Territories & APO/FPO) address.

International FREE Eyepiece Telescope Offer

For customers that buy from non-US dealers and ship to non-US addresses, you will select your free eyepiece at time of purchase from the dealer. 

*GoodBuy 2019 Sale excludes Apollo 11mm eyepiece.

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