2020 Product Anniversaries

1977: Introducing Tele Vue!
Plössls – 40 years

The year 2020 holds some big product anniversaries for our company. Tele Vue was founded in 1977 by Al Nagler, originally to sell his television projection lenses (hence the name “Tele Vue” to match the abbreviation “TV” — read “Tele Vue: What’s in a Name?” blog post). In 1980 Al introduced Tele Vue to the amateur astronomy market with its inaugural range of four Plössl eyepieces (26mm, 17mm, 10.4mm, and 7.4mm). Additional models followed over the years until the final five focal lengths were released 25-years ago (1995).

Richard Berry published the first review of Tele Vue Plössls in the August 1981 issue of Astronomy magazine. Tele Vue printed the complete review in our ad in the October 1981 issue of Sky & Telescope!
The original Plossl line was expanded and Nagler eyepieces took top billing at the time this advert was published in the Feb. 1982 issue of Sky & Telescope.
Nagler – 40 years

With the positive reception of the Plössl eyepieces (hailed as “the sharpest I’ve ever used” by Astronomy editor Richard Berry) Al Nagler had the confidence to then bring to market his ground-breaking 82° Nagler eyepiece. This eyepiece used principles from Al’s work a decade earlier on an optical probe for an aircraft landing simulator. So began the era of “spacewalk” viewing forty years ago. (See slide show in “I Thank My Lucky Stars!” blog post.)

Attach the DIOPTRX™ Corrector that matches the cylinder (astigmatism – from RX) value of your viewing eye and spin DIOPTRX™  to sharpen!
Dioptrx™ – 15 Years

Another anniversary of note is the introduction of the Dioptrx™ astigmatism corrector 15-years ago in 2005. This attachment has proved popular for enthusiasts that suffer from astigmatism and want to obtain the best views possible through Tele Vue eyepieces without eyeglasses. (Read: “Tack Sharp Stars: Overcoming Eyesight Astigmatism“.)

Ethos-SX – 10 years
3.7mm Ethos-SX was the first 110° AFOV eyepiece.

Ten-years ago, Tele Vue awed the astronomy universe again with the introduction the world’s first 110° eyepiece: the 3.7mm Ethos-SX. An extension of the 100° Ethos eyepiece line, the 110° view matches that of the Infinity Display Projectors employed on the Lunar Module Simulator that Al Nagler worked during the Space Race. For the first time, amateur astronomers could experience the field of view the astronauts saw decades earlier. (Read: “Winter Star Party 2017: in the Eye of ‘Kermitis'” blog post. ) The result is a superb planetary eyepiece with a deep sky true field of view!

Gibraltar HD4 & HD5 – 5 years
Gibraltar HD5 mount.

The rock-solid alt-az Gibraltar HD4 & HD5 mounts were introduced five-years ago in 2015 as a significant upgrade to the original Gibraltar Mount. They feature sturdier solid ash legs, providing much greater vibration dampening, and wood tray with included pier for high-altitude viewing. Each features either the 4- or 5-inch version of our Tele-Pod head that allows for object locating capability with optional encoders. The HD4 version is for 4” and smaller refractors (e.g. NP101is, & TV-85), and the HD5 is for our 5″ (NP127is) scope.

FoneMate™ – 5 years

2015 was the same year we introduced the FoneMate™ smartphone adapter for imaging through select Tele Vue eyepieces with your smartphone. Taking photos through a telescope eyepiece is an ideal method for nature and planetary/solar photography. Your astro targets can include the moon/lunar eclipses, sun/solar eclipses (with solar filter on telescope!), bright conjunctions, and even planets. (See Al Nagler’s FoneMate Demo video). There are many example transit, eclipse, and birding images and videos on our FoneMate™ page (mobile version).

We wish you clear skies for 2020 and look forward to another year of innovation, craftsmanship and bringing the wonders of nature closer, and sharper than you’ve ever imagined!

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