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New Product Announcement: NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer for Tele Vue NP101is and NP127is Scopes

Model NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes is specifically designed to be used with the Tele Vue NP127is and NP101is Imaging System telescopes. This reducer minimizes vignetting with camera sensors up to 43mm diagonal (Full Frame) and is a replacement for the previous 0.8x reducer, the discontinued NPR-1073 (which worked best up to APS-C sensors). When combined with a Tele Vue Petzval-type telescope, NPR-2073 reduces the focal length of the telescope by 20% and makes it that much faster. This increases the telescope’s field of view by 25%.

Model NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes
IC 1396 and Elephant’s Trunk Nebula. Image Credit & Copyright: Mahendra Mahadeo. Imaging details: the Tele Vue-NP101is APO (Nagler-Petzval) refractor equipped with Tele Vue NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer for NP Scopes, focused with ZWO EAF 5V, imaged through an Atik Horizon (original) camera on Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro mount. Guiding by Tele Vue-60 with ASI120MM-S camera. Exposures through Astronomik 2-inch 12nm Hα (49 x 5-min) and OIII (77 x 5-min) filters for a total of 10.5 hours. Control and image software: StellarMate, Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop CC, Topaz DeNoise AI.
RAD-1074 Imaging System Nosepiece for 2″

Tele Vue Imaging System Compatible
NPR-2073 is threaded on both sides for the Tele Vue Imaging System. It attaches to the Imaging Insert included with the Tele Vue NP127is and NP101is scopes and the other side accepts all the spacers, camera adapters, and thread converters included in the Tele Vue Imaging System (mobile site). Back Focal Length spacing for the reducer is included in the instructions.

The NPR-2073 can also be used to enlarge the field of other Tele Vue Petzval-type telescopes, but will not provide additional correction for those models. For use on Tele Vue Petzval model telescopes with 2-inch focusers, use Tele Vue Imaging System Nosepiece for 2″ Focuser (RAD-1074). The RAD-1074 slides into a 2″ telescope drawtube and has a 2.4″ Imaging System thread on the other side to accept any Imaging System accessory.

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4 thoughts on “New Product Announcement: NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer for Tele Vue NP101is and NP127is Scopes

  • Robert F. Meyer

    May I use both the new NPR-2073 0.8x Reducer _and_ the LCL-1069 large field corrector at the same time on a NP-127is ? (waiting to buy the full kit: rings, bright diag, 3 2” Ethos 21,10,3.7 mm set, autoFocuser, Losmandy or dovetail adptr.? ++ and put on a new ZWO-AM5 mount.) QHY600 tbd. Thx for advice! -rfm

  • starsupsundown

    Great question. You may use one or the other and not both.

  • I’ve moved from imaging with my 127is to using it for wide field night vision observing … any benefits of the reducer making the scope faster for night vision? will it work with eyepieces?

  • starsupsundown

    Hi Steve! It’s not for visual use because there is no way to connect an eyepiece to the product. You vary the field of view by choosing different eyepiece focal lengths when using the night vision setup.

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