Virtual NEAF 2021: Your Questions Answered!

Due to the continuing COVID-19 crises, the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) — “the World’s Largest Astronomy & Space Expo” — will be a “virtual,” online-only affair for the second year in a row. However, that is not all bad: it allows people from around the world —  who might normally not travel to New York — to experience this special show. It’ll be FREE too!

Last time in this blog we asked for your Tele Vue product questions which would be answered on videos and played at the virtual NEAF on April 10th. The response was tremendous! Though time and slots were limited, we were able to produce seven videos for the show. Each video provides a “front-row” seat to the answer from David and Al Nagler. Below you can view a 1-minute “sneak peek” video of what to expect.  

We were not able to answer all your questions in the time available to make these videos. So, please continue to call us with your questions!

Call for advice: 1-845-469-4551 (9am-5pm ET)


Our videos will play at the virtual NEAF this Saturday, April 10th. After the end of the show, they’ll all be available on our YouTube channel

Saturnday, April 10th
10am – 8pm EST / 7am – 5pm PST

Speakers List

    • Charlie Duke – Apollo Moonwalker
    • Tom Stafford – Apollo 10, Gemini 6, Gemini 9
    • Alan Stern – New Horizons & Beyond
    • Apollo Mission Control – Gerry Griffin, Jerry Bostic, John Aaron & Ed Findell
    • And more!

We expect NEAF in 2022 to return as an “in-person” show at the Rockland Community College, in Suffern, New York . We’ll bring every Tele Vue product to the physical show for you to see and use and our dealers will be there with product stock for sale.
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