Our Virtual NEAF 2021 Videos

Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) 2021 — “the World’s Largest Astronomy & Space Expo” — is in the history books after streaming 10-hours of material on April 10th.  Tele Vue provided seven unique videos for the event and we’d like to thank all who tuned in and showed their support in the chat!

Each of our videos answers a question from one of our blog readers. If you want to review them, they’re all linked below and cued up to the question being answered.

Welcome to our Virtual NEAF 2021 Booth! / Can Ethos eyepieces have wider true field?

After introducing you to our virtual NEAF booth, we’re asked if the legendary Ethos 100° eyepiece series be made in longer focal lengths for even wider true fields. The answer is presented by David Nagler.

How do Tele Vue adjustable eyeguards operate?

This video explains how our threaded and sliding (“Instadjust” / click-stop and twist-lock) eyeguards work. Adjustable eyeguards are found on all DeLite, Delos, Nagler T4 and the 41 Panoptic, & 55 Plössl eyepieces. Learn how to see the full field in comfort! The answer is presented by David Nagler.

Can Petzval refractors be made faster?

Can our Nagler-Petzval refractors be made as fast as photographic lenses?  David introduces Al Nagler to explain.

What is the Near IR performance of Tele Vue amplifiers?

In this video, David Nagler discusses Barlow and Powermate coatings in the 700-1100nm wavelength and reveals a special custom-built Tele Vue IR lens.

What is the best small scope to replace 14″ DOB?

Al gives us a tour of his favorite telescope! Visual and imaging aspects of this “Goldilocks” scope are examined. Presented by David and Al Nagler.

What are Tele Vue’s eyepiece quality controls and tolerances?

What makes a Tele Vue eyepiece pass or fail inspection? Learn how we test every eyepiece before it goes on sale. Presented by David Nagler.

Time to pack the booth up! / What new products are in development?

David Nagler says goodbye for now but not before answering one more question about future products.

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NEAF will return next year at its usual location in Rockland County, NY just north of New York City. If you are in the NYC area the first week in April, please plan on attending. Tele Vue will be there with its complete product line for you to review! Please stay subscribed to the blog for product announcements, events, and Tele Vue news.

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