Tele Vue Product Spotting #1

From time-to-time we see Tele Vue products juxtaposed with other interesting brands. This is a roundup of what we’ve run across so-far this year.

Tele Vue Packed Turret

Matthew Hodgson’s Alpha Lyrae website had a review of the nPAE (Nottingham Precision Astro Engineering) 6061 Medium Turret eyepiece holder. The shot below from the review has all six turret slots filled with our eyepieces.

Credit Matthew Hodgson. Used by permission.

He also had favorable words for our Tele Vue Everbrite diagonal that was used for a quality comparison with the multi-eyepiece turret. While producing the review, Matthew had an opportunity to “test” the safety undercuts on our eyepieces.

When taking some of the studio photos for this review, I did actually hurry through the set up and I failed to fully engage one of the locks, only to see a 17mm Nagler Type 4 slip slightly.  Fortuitously, the safety undercut did its job and the Nagler did not fall to the ground.  

We wish nPAE good luck with this fine unit.

DIOPTRX™ for Rolleiflex Cameras
Credit Eric Hiss. Used by permission.

Tele Vue DIOPTRX™ banishes eyesight astigmatism on many Tele Vue eyepieces — so why wouldn’t owners of high-end Rollei cameras want the same? Rolleiflex USA has adopted our DIOPTRX™ correctors to fit Rollei’s 45-degree prism and Lupe finders. This makes manual focusing easier for you.

From your eyeglass RX, just find the “Cylinder” value of the eye you use with the camera (ignore the + or – sign) and you can order direct from Rolleiflex USA.

Rotarian on TV85 Scope

At any star party or show, it is not unusual to find a Tele Vue-TV85 scope with our Focusmate™ Driver accessory mounted on a Tele Vue Panoramic mount. But the sight below at NEAF 2017 (our  “home” show) stopped us in our tracks.

Rotarian on TV85 . More images on our Flickr  album (link below). Credit: Tele Vue Staff image.

The hi-tech gear, sprouting from the end of the TV85 focuser was not a NASA Advanced Propulsion Concept as we first thought. This exquisitely machined and finished part, prominently loaded with four Tele Vue eyepieces, rotated to allow use of each eyepiece through the scope as needed. But to call it a “turret” is an understatement!

We spoke to Alvaro Martinez, owner of Barcelona-based AstronSCIENTIFIC, about his Rotarion System. It turns out those four Tele Vue eyepieces not only rotate into position on the focuser, but can autofocus at pre-selected distances. The system can be controlled through a hand control unit, Windows software, and future smartphone app. There are also attachments for imaging. Bravo!

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