Tele Vue NEW for 2018: NP101is, NP127is OTA Accessory Packages, SCT Rich Field Kits, & Diagonal Packages

All Tele Vue  telescopes now come standard as optical tube assemblies (OTA) that can be turned into “complete” units with optional, customized accessory packages.  The package costs can be substantially less  than pricing each component individually. In a prior installment we discussed the packages for the Tele Vue-60, Tele Vue-76, and Tele Vue-85 scopes. Here we’ll take up the multi-purpose Imaging System, or “is,” scopes and their associated accessory packages.

Tele Vue NP127is and NP101is scopes and accessories we’ve turned into packages for visual observing.

Al Nagler took Petzval’s portrait lens concept, using widely spaced doublets, and patented a fast telescope design version for the purpose of testing eyepieces. The 5”, f/4 MPT (Multi-Purpose Telescope) with its fast speed, wide, and flat field, led to a series of continuous improvements, primarily in color correction. By 2001, the NP101 (Nagler-Petzval) scope was the ultimate culmination of 30-years of refinement toward optical perfection for the “multi-purpose” concept. A review in the Backyard Astronomer’s Guide said: “optics don’t get any better than this.” But we did not rest on our laurels: with the CCD imaging revolution challenging telescope optics beyond anything ever placed at the focal plane, we were determined to make the NP series optically, mechanically, and functionally as perfect as possible for imaging on chips with up to 50-mm diagonal without penalty to its near ideal visual operation.  With Tele Vue Imaging System (“is”) telescopes, we have refined our instruments and optional equipment beyond anything a CCD chip has seen.

All Tele Vue telescopes come with a 5-year Limited Warranty.

Tele Vue-NP101is OTA
NPI-4057: TVNP101is scope with included accessories.

This 101-mm objective diameter, 540-mm focal length, f/5.4, APO (4-elements in 2-groups, Nagler-Petzval) refractor has an OTA length of 25.5″ without diagonal. The maximum field-of-view is a huge 4.9° with 55-mm Plössl (10x) or 41-mm Panoptic (13x).

Tele Vue-NP127is OTA
NPI-5054: TVNP127is scope with included accessories.

This 127-mm objective diameter, 660-mm focal length, f/5.2, APO (4-elements in 2-groups, Nagler-Petzval) refractor has an OTA length of 33.5″ without diagonal. The maximum field-of-view is a huge 4° with 55-mm Plössl (12x) or 41-mm Panoptic (16x).

Tele Vue-NP101is / Tele Vue-NP127is Imaging Features

The objective end of the telescope draw tube has a 3″ opening that reduces to 2.4″ aperture for imaging on 50-mm chips without vignetting. Included  end ring inserts allow use of standard 2″ accessories  or our 2.4″ Imaging System components.

End ring features of Imaging System scopes.

The standard Focusmate dual-speed 10:1 focuser allows for fine-focus and accepts the optional motorized FDF-2004 Focusmate Driver for vibration-free, variable-speed, electronic motor control down to 0.0005″ increments. This system can achieve repeatable focus positions to 0.0001″ accuracy  with the optional 1 Micron Fine Indicator Kit. The focuser can handle 12-lbs / 5.4-kg of payload.


Jam and jack screws on the end ring can be adjusted (and locked) to compensate for any tilt effects seen in CCD imaging. Two tension screws on the top of the focuser body can be adjusted to add resistance when using heavy equipment or lock the draw tube in place once focus has been achieved. These tension screws tighten against a brass clamp ring, which then cinches down on the Teflon sleeve in which the draw tube slides.

Imaging System focuser with optional Digital Indicator Kit and Focusmate Driver.

The OTAs comes with a sliding metal dew shield and screw-on metal lens cover. Each scope model has its own custom designed hard-shell carry case with room for all standard accessorizes.

Tele Vue-NP101is Accessory Package
TVP-4058: TV-NP101is package
  • 4″ clamshell-style Ring Mount with mounting threads to attach to a heavy-duty tripod or telescope mount.
  • 2″ 90° Everbrite Diagonal (99% reflection across visual spectrum) with 2″ to 1ÂŒ” adapter.
  • 18.2-mm DeLite eyepiece, with 20-mm eye-relief,  yields 2° true field of view at 30x in this scope.
TVP-5056: TV-NP127is package.
Tele Vue-NP127is Accessory Package
  • 5″ Ring Mount set with top and bottom plates. Top plate and rings take accessories. Bottom plate drilled to mate to a variety of mounts or mounting adapter plates.
  • 2″ 90° Everbrite Diagonal (99% reflection across visual spectrum) with 2″ to 1ÂŒ” adapter.
  • 18.2-mm DeLite eyepiece, with 20mm eye-relief,  yields 1.7° true field of view at 36x in this scope.
Schmidt–Cassegrain Telescope Rich-Field Kit Package
SCP-8202: SCT 2” 90Âș Everbrite package

Our SCT Rich-Field Kit delivers up to a 3x increase in field area over 1.25″ diagonals.  The package features our 2″ Everbrite diagonal and an adapter that screws onto the visual back to allow use of standard 2″ eyepiece accessories. 

  • SCT Adapter
  • 2″ 90° Everbrite Diagonal (99% reflection across visual spectrum) with 2″ to 1ÂŒ” adapter.
90° Diagonals Now Include our 2”-1Œ” HiHat Adapter 

Our diagonal bodies are machined from solid blocks of aluminum. This means heavy accessories can’t force the diagonal body to “unscrew” from the barrel as with other brands. Permanent alignment is CNC-machined into the diagonal. They feature brass clamp rings, anti-reflection threads, 48-mm filter threads, and now include our 2”-1Œ” HiHat adapter with  brass clamp ring. The “high-hat” adapter is specially designed with a high rise head to keep Tele Vue Barlows and Powermateℱ amplifiers away from the diagonal mirror. We offer two mirrors with our diagonals: Everbrite and Enhanced Aluminum.

90° Everbrite Diagonals
DDP-8004: 2″ 90Âș Everbrite package

Whiter and brighter images. Simply put, that is the benefit the Everbrite mirror coating. This exotic, dielectric, nonmetallic coating is 99% reflective across the full visual spectrum, resulting in the “whitest,” most natural image available. The sophisticated process of laying down more than 50 layers of coating is applied to a Pyrex substrate with 1/10 wave surface accuracy.

90° Enhanced Aluminum Diagonals
DEP-8003: 2″ 90Âș Enhanced Aluminum pkg

Our Enhanced Aluminum mirror coating provides a 96% reflective surface across all but the extreme ends of the visual spectrum. The enhanced coating provides extra reflectance versus competing standard aluminum coatings. The final coating stage applies a tough overcoat to protect the aluminum.

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