Tele Vue at 2018 NEAIC & NEAF this Week!

NEAF’s super huge vendor area has everything from eyepieces, scopes, cameras, to domes for sale .
Tele Vue will be exhibiting at two back-to-back shows just an hours drive north of New York City this week. The Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference  (NEAIC) is Thursday and Friday and the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) is Saturday and Sunday.  You can buy tickets at the door for either (follow links at end of blog post).  
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Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC)
Crowne Plaza Conference Center, Suffern, NY. April 19 & 20, 2018
NEAIC booth.
This is a serious imaging conference for those that want to improve their skills. Typically there are 200 attendees. Between sessions on imaging, photometry (deep sky/ planetary),  spectroscopy  and pro-am collaborations, stop by the Tele Vue booth to see our imaging gear. This includes the Tele Vue NP-127fli, Tele Vue TV-85, BIG Paracorr Type-2, and the Tele Vue-NP101is used by Dr. Don Bruns for his eclipse imaging experiment (more on that below).
Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF)
SUNY Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY. April 21 & 22, 2018
David Nagler being interviewed at NEAF.
Al Nagler being interviewed at NEAF.
NEAF has a different feel from NEAIC: it is spread out over a suburban college campus with activities that typically include solar observing, mirror grinding demonstrations, kids events, many speakers from NASA and industry discussing space and astronomy missions, and over a hundred vendors with hardware for show and sale. Attendance for this weekend event is in the thousands and whole families typically come through.
We’ve got one more reason for you to attend NEAF this year: you’ll see the world premier of our new line of Bandmate Type 2 filters at NEAF and a limited quantity has arrived in time for first sales at the show! The Bandmate Type 2 filter offerings will initially consist of OIII, , and Nebustar-UHC models. The first thing you’ll notice is that these filters are produced for us in Germany by Astronomik. Tele Vue and Astronomik are two relatively small companies that adhere to the same philosophy. Do it better, or don’t do it at all; the products, customer, and night sky deserve it. 
New line of Tele Vue Bandmate Type 2 Filters.
This  year one of the main speakers is a friend of ours: Dr. Don Bruns. He will be giving his talk, Einstein was Right! Completing the 1919 Relativity Experiment at the 2017 Solar Eclipse, on Saturday at noon in the main auditorium. You can listen to him discuss in his own words how he got the “best precision ever achieved by a wide margin” in measuring the deflection of starlight around the sun during a solar eclipse. This achievement garnered  him the a well-deserved Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award from the American Astronomical Society for his “tour de force in careful observing and calibration.” The Tele Vue-NP101is refractor used for imaging the sun and stars will be on display at the Tele Vue booth all weekend long and Dr. Bruns will be dropping by to see us there.
Solar viewing at NEAF (weather permitting).
Astronaut on lunch break at NEAF.

The system proved to be the most impressive visual light amplifying setup I’ve ever used

Once again the Tele Vue booth will feature the night vision demo we’ve put together with Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC).  This time, however, the Tele Vue adapters and night vision monocular is already for sale on the TNVC website. The June, 2018 issue of Sky & Telescope has a 4-page review by Dennis Di Cicco, who lavished some high praise, writing “the system proved to be the most impressive visual light amplifying setup I’ve ever used… The versatility of this new light-amplifying observing system just might make it a game-changer in the world of amateur astronomy.” 

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