Remembering Tom Trusock
(1968 – 2019)

Tom Trusock (left) with Al Nagler (right) at a Northeast Astronomy Forum. Courtesy Rockland Astronomy Club.

Last week we heard of the sudden passing of our friend Tom Trusock. The numbing disbelief still comes in waves. We can only imagine the terrible grief his wife, daughters, and the rest of the family are feeling.  We hope they are in some way consoled knowing how much Tom meant to so many as they move on from this tragedy.

Of course we knew Tom through his love for astronomy.  Yet as much as he loved astronomy, I think he loved astronomy gear more… or at least talking and writing about it.  In the all too brief time he had, we are grateful that we impacted his life in a joyous and meaningful way.  I think he truly felt part of the “family” when we agreed to loan him a 13mm Ethos prototype for a talk he was giving at a Canadian star party.  He was both excited as a kid with a new toy and nervous to be the first to show it at a major star party.

Tom Trusock speaking with  David Nagler. Al Nagler in foreground.

Tom interviewed us several times for both written and filmed pieces about our company and products.  His warm and easy going nature made for great conversations rather than dry question and answer sessions. He always seemed to get to the raison d’etre, and once you knew the “why” the rest of his writing just drove the point home.

I’ve been reading through some past email exchanges and can hear his slightly gravelly, mid-western accented voice in my ear.  Some of my last correspondence with him was his lamenting not being able to attend NEAF.  We always figured we’d catch up eventually.  Eventually we will Tom.